Chi è FUNBEE?❤️

Who is FUNBEE? ❤️

Everyone talks about this storytelling, you have to tell yourself and talk about yourself, your history and genesis. We have always talked tightly about our path because we have always focused on talking about product services and business opportunities and support in the season.
However, we believe that a healthy and solid working relationship on funds also on mutual knowledge! And even for a final consumer it is essential to know where the garment they buy comes from❤️

Here we are ... who is FUNBEE?
This brand is owned by Tiemme, duly registered in the Trademarks and Patents archive.

FUNBEE we can say that it is the evolution of Fermo Posta, the elegant brand that for years my father first produced internally and then externally dedicated essentially to the world of elegance (always boys and girls)

At the beginning of the 2000s, when I entered the company fully operational, we felt the need to also create a fashion and everyday product.

I remember that afternoon, I wanted to find a unique name, never used and that contained the word fun (because that was how I wanted to do, have fun creating and have fun wearing). So I said be fun, little sense but something can come out of it. I entrust the genesis of the logo to a graphic designer and FUNBEE comes out, a reverse and reinforced Be Fun or a nice happy bee (Bee in English means Ape). 🐝).
I liked him, and not just me but my whole family too!

This is where the adventure starts, I can tell a long love story💞
By choice, each garment has always been and made in Italy, because we firmly believe that true Made in Italy must still have great value for each of us.
Because I always say Made in Italy True, because I like to underline the fact that the entire production chain, from the button to the fabric to the lanyard to the print to the rhinestones and any other
piece of FUNBEE garments, is Italian made by Italians.
This is really important, because this quality standard can only be achieved in this way.

THE we are the creative directors, the women of Tiemme who expertly collect trends and customer feedback and try to turn them into garments. I, Francesca, will then take care of transferring this know-how (just knowing how) in prints, patterns, fabrics and finally in finished garments ... 💘
The path is long but fast, because 20 working days pass from the stylistic creation from scratch to receipt of the goods, 10 days for restocking and this speed can only be guaranteed by a true Made in Italy.

The garments are tested internally, patterned prints and every detail is checked because we want everything to be perfect for our customers

By choice we only do ready-to-wear with pre-collection, in the pre-COVID period because now the fabrics are only available in season because the pandemic has also upset all the Italian manufacturing chains, because we want to continue to ride the latest trends, the latest needs that the market communicates to us in order to give the customer a product that is qualitatively and with a different image from the one he has purchased on a scheduled basis

the new website is

You can find us on all social Instagram@funbee_kid and FacebookFunbee.Kid

Thank you for being part of this magnificent love story, but you have something to tell us Do it by sending us an email to and we will publish your business story on our social channels 😘


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