#ACQUISTAINNEGOZIO una campagna social per i negozi di vicinato e l’economia locale

#ACQUISTAINNEGOZIO a social campaign for neighborhood shops and the local economy

It was time to do it, to make ourselves heard loudly! We at Tiemme have decided to put online a social campaign that is sensitive to conscious shopping, to purchases in neighborhood shops that are part of the true national economy😊 Among these stores there are also you, our customers and, as we have already said several times, this is the time to join forces and create new synergies.

This is the first post that went online on 11/16/2020

in addition to conveying the message and sponsoring it for a fee, we make ourselves available to provide a list of our customers to all those who ask us for information the text of the post invites you to make this request. Moreoverre if you want to participate in this initiative we can create a post with this hashtag, post it and sponsor it as well as providing it to you to convey it on your pages.

 For info Contact us at 0516646922 3929745667

See you soon and I'm waiting for your call!

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