Inizia il countdown ⏰ alla nuova stagione e noi portiamo con il -50%!!!

The countdown begins ⏰ to the new season and we bring with -50% !!!

The new season is upon us, in addition to the new ss20 sales campaign, and the sales for you start on August 1st ... we know that you are already making discounts, unfortunately the end customers are asking us for this extra effort and we must satisfy them because now more than ever we have to win back customers who used to go to chains but are now afraid and prefer the neighborhood shop ☺️).

What was I saying! ah yes ... so from today we will make half the price on all the goods on display, we allow you to defer your payment and thus sort your store for sales ... margin more ... risk less and pay for the goods when you sold itta 🤫 

Fuori tutto


Oh then one thing, we are putting the COMMUNITY project back on track, we have not forgotten at all in fact we are also perfecting it with strategies on social networks to give it a bit of charge and bring in new affiliates ☺️

For any info #noicisiamo😘

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