La nostra ultima Newsletter ♥️ di Ottobre

Our latest Newsletter ♥ ️ of October

Hi! How are you? We wish you all well!!
I thought I'd dedicate this first newsletter of the new season to the positive vibrations that we perceive from you customers and within us for this new season that awaits us! 

It is true that the specter of Covid has not yet disappeared but we entrepreneurs must always arm ourselves with courage and positive energy and keep going!ande!  💪🏼

All the Tiemme staff questioned a lot about the present and the future, about the choices to be made and the proposals to offer to customers ... and in the end we thought about looking for new ways, which would infuse us with a bit of positivity, follow the old and offer not only product but also services and consultancy to our customers we like to call them more business partnersiali)  

I try in a few lines to give you an overview of our initiatives ... then I will dedicate an email to each one to be able to explain it to you better😉

💓 new winter arrivalsand many promotions for theback to schooldiscounted 

💓resume theCeremoniesin your city No problem we have a vast assortment in promo for you 😊

💓new spring summer 2021 collections ... yes because we believe in it and have thought of manyforms of collaboration😀 (are you curious Call me at 05166469222😘)
Take a look at the proposals GARCIA HERE
A family brand with a denim heart💙
and that's not all ... soon many other super interesting proposals such asYATSIdiscover here thess21 catalog

💓 new entry brandNinaluna! A winter capsule that is a bomb dedicated to children from 6 months to 4 years 😀😊🐻
Here the catalog💞
You want to view the collection and order it! Contact us at 0516646922! The Christmas capsule is coming .... YES!!

💓 new order collection portal where you can find not only the available items but alsointeresting articles and news for your shop😉

💓new company profile where we tried to present all the characteristics of our company🏻 COMPANY PROFILE

Now all you have to do is access theour order collection portaland peek at our news!
We are always available onWhatsapplog in directly fromhere... request to subscribe tobroadcast lists to receive news even directly on your phone!

See you soon!
Francesca and all the Tiemme staff
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