La nostra ultima Newsletter ♥️ di Novembre

Our latest November Newsletter ♥ ️

Here I am! How are you? 😃
We are a little in suspense for this Dpcm and worried about all of us, but we must look forward, join forces and believe more and more that the neighborhood shop is the safest place for customers and children in this difficult time struggling with a virus that won't give up.a.😌

We are there, we have carried out all our planned and ready-to-wear projects. The latter becomes increasingly important in this moment of uncertainty as well as the fact that it becomes an important reason for retaining customers and creatingre sales funnel ✌️( example: the customer enters the shop for new arrivals and I can also sell him what I already have in the shop)
Create theexpectation for the arrival of new products is one of the most important techniques ofmarketing, because waiting and the idea of being one of the first to wear or buy fashion news for their children makes the customer satisfied and encouraged to buy, and even more importantly it promotes loyalty in your shop.👏🏻

We thought about creating theMARKETING PILLS, what they are Short but practical advice isideas to manage your communication and strategy to increase contacts, retain customers and increase your online and offline visibility. Do you want to receive them too? Fill out the form below, I'll steal 3 minutes .......
We have carried on withenthusiasm 🥳 and your feedbacksuper positive 😉 all our projects, first of all #FUNBEE because its fast fashion essencethere and there it allows you to measure purchases and it is very important to receive new garments and proposals in the store and stimulate your customer to return to the store..

In the girl proposals we have focused on the new colors of the women's palettes, lilac and purple that will explode in spring 2021!021!💜
Not only that, we have already proposed perfect colors and outfits for Christmas that are not obvious and discounted indeed very much in line with the new proposals therefore not only red but also eco-leather and patterned fabrics.a.✌️
For the boys we indulged ourselves with games of fluo color blocks and camouflage, red black and cream and military green combined with fluo yellow and cream.panna.✔️
The combination of collection and fast fashion, better known as fast fashion due to its ability to quickly collect trends and propose them with quality garments in a few days, allows you to get out of the mental grip of unpredictable forecasts in this pandemic, an expense of your budget planned in advance. -order as well as a careful and dedicated to what you need when you need it in the season, that is when your customer requests it because it is he who dictates your selling and buying rules. It doesn't matter to have everything and everything but what you need to sell and satisfy the requests of YOUR customers!ienti! 👊🏻
Now all you have to do is access theour order collection portaland peek at our news!
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See you soon!
Francesca and all the Tiemme staff
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